The blog section of my website is back :)

I am excited to share my life experiences with you (and myself honestly). 

 A little background info, I started in 2013. A way to show my photography/videography, occasionally blog and have one central location for all my work. As I should. But yet, I fell off and I took the effortless route of neglecting my story telling with sappy tweets, vague instagram captions and quick snapchats.

I became a traitor to young Jess, who started blogging in 2009 with her best friend Rahmar. 

Anywho, life is still happening (with the same coy expression on my face). I'm still out here so lets just get back into it. 

I plan on using my blog to share my experiences around St.Louis with you, which have been more meaningful now than in my entire life. I have lived here forever and I'm more recently being exposed to either what just got here or has always been here and I just didnt notice before. 

Also, to review and share St. Louis art, which is a great interest of mine. It feels really good to say 'St.Louis Art' and know that there is pride, community and passion behind that sentiment. Seriously. 

Im not trying to build, start a platform, or go brand crazy. I'm here to be me. (That was not fun to write without coming off lame lol)


IMG_0200 2.JPG

Photo by: Louis Quatorze